Santa Cruz Tickets General Policies and Info

Should you have any concerns, please bring them to the attention of staff as our goal is to make your experience an enjoyable one! (Contact numbers are in the footer of this page.)
For information specific to events at the Santa Cruz Civic, please visit:
Civic Auditorium Box Office website(external link).

Ticket Policies

Service Charges

Santa Cruz Tickets was developed as a means of supporting community events. Since the Ticket Box Offices operate independently from the events we feature on our system, service charges are necessary to offset our staffing, technology and general operational expenses associated with maintaining a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant system. Tickets to events at the Civic venues cannot be purchased without a service charge.   
Per ticket service charges are as follows**:
Ticket price < $10 ($0-$9.99) = $3.50/ticket
Ticket price < $20 ($10-$19.99) = $4.50/ticket
Ticket price < $50 ($20-$49.99) = $5.50/ ticket
Ticket price < $100 ($50-$99.00) = $6.50/ ticket
Ticket price < $200 ($100.00-$199.00) = $7.50/ ticket*

*Service charge increases by $2.00/$100 increment thereafter

**Tickets for some events incur an additional $2 Production Admin Fee charge per ticket which is separate from Santa Cruz Tickets fees.  Seating Chart links on event pages at disclose total ticket prices including all service charges.
Ticket prices often increase day of show, so please purchase your tickets early for best availability and price. Please let us know of any accommodations you may need. Visa and MasterCard accepted at both online and at the Santa Cruz Civic.  Cash and Check are also accepted at the Santa Cruz Civic. Ticket prices are subject service charges, producer or event administrative fees separate from Santa Cruz Tickets and 5% City Admission tax when applicable.
Please check your purchase carefully - ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. Please see policies related to  Refunds and Exchanges and Ticket Use/Reprints below for further information.


Please call the Ticket Box Office in order to make accessible reservations. Please see our Accessibility link for more information.

Student & Senior Discounts

Students and Seniors 62 and over generally receive discounts to performances; however, it is dependent on the event. Please indicate whether you are a student or senior when purchasing your tickets. All discount ticket holders must present valid ID at the door.


Some performing art performances may not suitable for pre-school aged children -please check with a Box Office Representative as to age restrictions on the event. In most cases where children are encouraged to attend, regardless of age, each child (infants included) must have a ticket and sit in a seat.  Strollers or seat carriers are generally not allowed into venues due to space restraints and fire egress policies. Please call the Box Office for specific event limitations.


Please check your purchase carefully - ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. Refunds are given only in the case of event cancellation. Due to the nature of the performing arts, programs are subject to change without notice. Please provide a contact number or email at time of purchase so we may contact you in the event of such changes. No refunds are given for duplicated web orders or for differences in full price tickets versus discounted priced tickets. Most performances have discounts for students, seniors, etc. If you feel you are eligible for a discount (senior, student, etc.), please indicate at the time of your order and be prepared to show id for entry into the event. Exchanges are allowed by producer policy only; please check with the Ticket Box Office for specific producer exchange policies and costs.

Ticket Use/Reprints

Unfortunately, tickets cannot be replaced in most instances if lost, stolen, or destroyed— please keep tickets away from high heat as they are printed on special thermal stock that will turn black. Tickets are valid only for the event and seat for which it is issued; and are not transferable or redeemable for cash. Torn, scanned, or validated tickets are not transferable and cannot be used for re-entry unless posted otherwise.  Should you need to report your tickets stolen, please contact your local police administration and advise the Ticket Box Office of a case number – if the stolen tickets are discovered to be used at the doors the proper authorities will be informed. Your ticket is a revocable license-- management reserves right to eject disorderly patrons without refund. Tickets purchased from unauthorized sources may be lost or stolen and are void. Use of your ticket assumes all risk and danger in participating in event and authorizes permission for use of your image or likeness in rebroadcast.

General Event Policies

Late Seating

Our producers endeavor to start all performances on time. Latecomers may not be seated until intermission or a suitable interval in the program, as designated by the artist or at the discretion of the Front-of-House Staff. Please plan to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start time of the performance so you have sufficient time to park, purchase tickets and be seated. Plan additional time for popular campus events or Friday and Saturday evenings downtown as parking may be limited.

Be Respectful of Fellow Patrons

In consideration of the artists and fellow audience members, there is no photography or audio/video recording allowed during most performances. Please make sure you turn off all phones, pagers and watches.

Entry and Exit/Ins-and-Outs Restrictions

Entry may be contingent on a bag search or pat-down of persons for restricted items, especially for large or high-profile events. Patrons may refuse a search, but will be denied entry. Please review the event’s prohibited items with a Box Office Representative prior to the event should you have any concerns. For many events there are no in-and-out privileges—once you exit the building there is no re-entry so please plan accordingly and check with a Box Office Representative for details specific to the event ticket you wish to purchase.

Prohibited Items

For the safety and enjoyment of all patrons, cans, bottles, and food from outside vendors are generally not allowed into events. This includes glass or metal bottles at the Santa Cruz Civic. The Civic does allow empty plastic bottles [the contents of every bottle cannot be examined at entry due to time constraints and safety concerns related to hard alcohol-water fountains in the lobby can be used to fill your water bottle]. Should you have a special need, please contact a Box Office Representative.
Cameras and recorders are restricted for most events -- please call for information on a specific event. Use of cell phones to record images is also prohibited and is grounds for eviction from the facility. In all instances, patron shall not re-broadcast without permission.
Smoking restrictions around facilities are in accordance with City of Santa Cruz, and County ordinances. In the City of Santa Cruz, smoking is  not allowed on public sidewalks or parking lots  in the downtown area, and is not allowed indoors or within 20’ of any door or window or publicly accessible area. In tandem with the no ‘in-and-out’ privileges, those wishing to smoke may have to wait until they are willing to leave the event.
Please also leave large bags and strollers in your vehicle. Animals are generally not allowed and other health and safety guidelines will be enforced.

Privacy Policy

Santa Cruz Tickets will not sell your information to third parties. Basic contact information and information about your order is shared with producers of the events you purchase. Producers may share contact information – please check with individual producers for regarding their policy. You may opt out at anytime by updating your preferences in My Account, or by calling Santa Cruz Tickets. Please see Santa Cruz Tickets Privacy Policy for full information

Other Information

Directions, Parking and Visitor Info

For events at the Civic Auditorium, please plan on arriving at least 1 hour prior to performance to allow time for parking, ticketing and seating, especially on a Friday or Saturday evening. The Civic is conveniently located in downtown Santa Cruz at 307 Church Street. For further directions, call (831) 420-5260.

City of Santa Cruz Civic Box Office | 831-420-5260 | Tues-Fri 11am-6pm
307 Church Street | Santa Cruz, CA 95060